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Vandal One

Product reveal / animation / CG product shots

Vandal One is a Formula 1 inspired supercar. A team consisting of former McLaren, Lotus, Lola, and Mazda engineers brings F1 driving experience to a wider audience. Featured in Evo, Top Gear, Autoblog, and many others. 

3D render of Vandal One formula, front angle
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Hawkeye Q3 PRO

Product reveal / animation

Hawkeye is a manufacturer of premium dash cams from Shenzhen, China. Q3 PRO is their most advanced model yet, offering not only a great performance, but stylish and minimalistic design that flawlessly matches modern interiors.

Hawkeye dashcam 3D render
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Pirot Cilim

Animation / Digital Art

Our experimentation with virtually woven fabric. Pirot Rug or Pirot Kilim refers to a variety of flat tapestry - woven rugs traditionally produced in Pirot, a town in southeastern Serbia. Pirot kilim is often referred to as one of the national symbols of Serbia.

Pirot Kilim video cover image
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Volt Radio

Logo Reveal / Animation

Volt Radio is an online radio broadcasting electronic music, featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists and live sessions.

Volt radio animation cover image
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modeling / Product visualization / Animation / Amazon FBA

Presch is a German manufacturer of power tools, hardware, accessories, and home improvement products. 

Presch animation cover image
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Presch video 2 thumbnail image
Presch video 3 thumbnail image
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Presch video 4 thumbnail image
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Explainer / animation

A division of Regal Rexnord, Stearns is the number one supplier of spring-set motor brakes to North America. 

Stearns explainer animation cover image
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Explainer / PRODUCT REVEAL / animation

Snoozeal is an innovative anti-snoring device that treats the root cause of a sleep disorder. 

Snoozeal explainer animation cover image
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Product visualization / Amazon FBA

Maidura is a German manufacturer of gardening tools and accessories. 

Maidura 3D render cover image

Zorki 4

Product visualization 

Sold in 1.7 million units, Zorki 4 is one of the most widely available rangefinder cameras from the 60’s made for 35mm film. Nowadays, it’s a popular collectible amongst photography enthusiasts and a monument to mechanical engineering of the past.

Zorki camera 3D render cover image

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